Laptop and Phone Sticker (Skin)

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ላፕቶፕ ላይ ወይም ስልኮት ከቨር ላይ በ ሚፈልጉት ዲዛይን የማይላላጥ ና ጥራት ባላቸዉን እስቲከር ማስዋብ ከፈለጉ  @GabiSkin አኛ እናቀርባለን.

Get your old laptop looking ???
your custom Laptop skin cover done with any image of your choice

-Prevents scratches✔️
- Express your style and personality✔️
- Easily removable and replaceable✔️
- Custom designs✔️
- The colors NEVER come off✔️
- Totally affordable✔️
- Water resistant✔️
- Scratch resistant ✔️

ከፈለጉም በዚህ ፎቶ ይሰራልኝ ብለዉ ይላኩልን እኛ ሰርተን እናስረክቦታለን።
? Laptop
? Phone
? Tablet
? I-Pod

ስልኮት ና ላፕቶፖን ለማስዋብ ትክክለኛው ቦታ

Http:// Tel 0979179925

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